Java Course Questease

Java Course Details

Introduction of SDLC

  • SDLC
  • Over view of SDLC
  • SDLC models
  • Waterfall model
  • Iterative model
  • Spiral model
  • V-model

UML Designing Introduction

  • UML
  • Over view of UML
  • Building blocks of UML
  • Things
  • Relationships
  • Introduction of diagrams
  • UML Architecture
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Process
  • Deployment

UML Modelling Types

  • UML modeling types
  • Structural modeling
  • Class diagrams
  • Object diagrams
  • Deployment diagrams
  • Package diagrams
  • Composite structure diagram
  • Component diagram
  • Behavioral modeling
  • Activity diagrams
  • Use case diagrams
  • Sequence diagram
  • Collaboration diagram
  • State chart diagram

Getting Introduced to Java Platform

Getting Introduced to Java Applets

Introduced to Oops Concepts

Tools used in java

compilation and Running of Java Program

Java Automic Elements Introduction

Java Datatypes

Working with Variables

Working with Methods

Type Casting and conversion

Java Operators

Control Statements

Java Arrays

Introducing Classes and Objects in Java

Constructors and Access Modifiers

More on Class And Objects

Implementing Inheritance in Java

Implementing Polymorphism in Java

Use of Final keyword in java

Abstract Classes


Handling Numeric and String Data

String Manipulation

Exception Handling

Handling Input/Output Operations

Packages in Java

Type Casting and Wrapper classes

Implementing Graphical Programming in Java

Layout Managers

Event Handling

Event Adapters

Implementing Threading in Java

Synchronization in Java

Java Programming J2EE


Interfaces and Classes in JDBC

About ResultSet Interface

Batch Update / Batch Processing

Servlet Introduction

Packages in Servlet

Packages in Servlet

Basic Servlet Program and Deployment in server

Introduction to Jsp Page

Jsp Scripting Elements

Jsp Directive Elements

Jsp Implicit Objects

Jsp Action Elements

Jsp CRUD Example

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