Project Intenship Training


For all professional courses, Internship plays a significant role in defining the career of the students. Nowadays companies prefer to hire the candidates who have undergone a professional Internship training program as a part of their academic study.

Keeping in view the demand of the Industry our Internships are designed on the basis of case studies that are related to real-time scenarios and benefits the students in more than one way. It includes:

  • Experience working on real-time scenario projects
  • Understand the dynamics of working in a team
  • Have a better knowledge of the responsibilities and duties pertaining to industry roles
  • Demonstrate professional behaviours such as exhibiting punctuality, taking responsibility, delegating works as required and meeting deadlines
  • Experience exchange of Idea and inspire others to work collaboratively

Internship Advantages:

  • Enhancement in technical knowledge and skills.
  • Certification level expertise in a limited duration.
  • Industry insights and exposure to real time scenario.
  • Live projects with the help of experts.

Internship Program Coverage

Industry Related Soft Skills
  • Industrial Insights & exposure to real time events
  • Business Communication
  • Standards for Professional Behaviour from Industry Perspective
  • Dynamics of working in a team
Concept Classes on the chosen Technology
  • Around 10 sessions of concept classes will be covered on the chosen technology which provides the student an overview of the technology and its associated practical implementation tools
Working on the Project
  • Project Selection & Discussion
  • Requirement & Analysis of the Project
  • Project Practical Implementation
  • Technical Evaluation of the Project
  • Closure of the Project
Placement/Interview Readiness
  • Expectation / Goal Setting/CV Preparation
  • General Awareness / Personality Sessions
  • Logical/Analytical/Reasoning Orientation
  • Technical Skills Evaluation
  • HR round discussions