Summer Internship

Summer Internship Program

If you are an engineering student or pursuing graduate and want to utilize summer breaks for cross-skilling, upgrading Technical knowledge, know corporate culture, get hands-on experience and enhance soft skills then our summer Internship program is just for you.

Program slots are available in 15/30/45 days depending on the students need starting from the months of May, June & July.

Summer Internship Program

  • Industry Related Soft Skills
    Industrial Insights & exposure to real-time events
  • Business Communication
  • Standards for Professional Behavior from Industry Perspective
  • Dynamics of working in a team

Internship Highlights

  • Concept Classes on the chosen Technology
  • Project Selection & Discussion Requirement & Analysis of the Project
  •  Project Practical Implementation
     Technical Evaluation of the Project
     Closure of the Project

Placement/Interview Readiness

  • Placement/Interview Readiness
  • Expectation / Goal Setting/CV Preparation
  • General Awareness / Personality Sessions
  • Logical/Analytical/Reasoning Orientation
  • Technical Skills Evaluation
  • HR round discussions