Robotics for Schools

In today`s world, Technology has become an integral part of learning. With STEM education being widely accepted across the globe as the future career skills, many governments have begun to create policies and programs to incorporate STEM education as part of regular school academic activities.

Robotics integrate with STEM learning like no other course as it brings Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into one subject. Through Robotics, kids get to learn the fundamental concepts of Engineering, Design, Coding & Testing which leads to the development of creative, innovative and Interactive skills right from a very young age.

In its quest to promote STEM education, Questease Solutions have designed the courseware of Robotics which comprises of theoretical concepts combined with hands on practical sessions to generate the interest level of the kids to enhance their critical thinking, learning & problem-solving skills.

school children working with robot image

    Advantages of Robotics Learning

  • Makes learning fun, engaging, and inspiring
  • Prepares for the fast-paced competitive world
  • Develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Enables the kid to develop and express creativity
  • Prepares the kid for the fast-paced competitive world  

Robotics Projects for School Kids

Wired Robot

  1. Ultrasonic Sensor Robot
  2. Line follower Robot
  3. Wireless Robot
  4. Spy Robot
  5. Mobile Control Robot
  6. Obstacle Avoider Robot
  7. Obstacle follower Robot
  8. Sound resistant Robot
  9. Boomerang Robot

Watch the video on Bluetooth controlled robocar using Arduino Remote LITE Android application done by our student  


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